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Cookie Policy

​ and other service providers set and use cookies. including similar technology to store Take care of user usage information, send advertisements, provide articles. Analyze and store usage on the Services. for example Use of Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies It is the basis for storing information online of users through websites and applications. or other services For more information about how we use cookies and similar technologies. Including we control various tools It will be listed below .

If you want more information about our use of cookies You can contact the personal information controller by e-mail.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files. placed on computers and other devices used to identify and recognize users or equipment to store data We may automatically collect information from you through cookies or other similar technologies when you visit our website. Cookies are categorized according to their functionality and purpose, including essential cookies. Performance Cookies Cookies to improve performance and marketing cookies

How do we use cookies?

We and our third party partners may collect information through cookies for service access information. to improve your user experience and for other purposes, including


1. Remember users for example Cookies help us identify you as a registered user of our services. or keep settings or information that you have given us

2. Analyze your use of our services. We can use cookies to understand what users use on our Services or which pages, parts of the Services are most popular.

3. Deliver Advertising Using cookies allows us to deliver advertisements that we believe will be of interest to you based on your information. (As stated in the How We Use Your Information section. and the section on advertising in the Privacy Policy).

4. Credit card information and other financial information which is necessary to carry out financial transactions when you use our services Such information may be collected and maintained by third party processors. or our own financial transaction processors. Those financial transaction processors may provide cookies which enable you to make subsequent payments using the financial information you have already provided


Please note that we use cookies for the above purposes. But non-personal information may also be collected through these technologies. for advertisers and other partners our analyzes that you and others How do you use our services to deliver appropriate advertisements?

We may allow advertisers and other third party partners to place cookies, web beacons and similar technologies. on some of our services to analyze how these services are used and to deliver advertisements. Please note that third party use of cookies is subject to their own privacy policies. We are not responsible for the use of cookies by third parties.

The cookies we use are called first-party cookies. Cookies used by partners or third parties are third-party cookies. The information stored through our cookies will also not be accessible.

type of cookies

We further explain in the table below how we use each type of cookie on our Services. All or part of cookies may be placed on your browser. Your browser may be able to disable or manage cookies, however please note that if you do so, We may not be able to adjust the usage to your preferences. and some of our services may not function properly.

Types of cookies used

Identification: This prison tells us when you use our services. so that we can provide proper and safe service. for your good experience for example This cookie will tell us when you sign in as a member. To help us recognize that you have accessed the membership system and display information that is tailored to you.

Preferences: We use cookies to save patterns. Your various preferences to ensure that our services are suitable for you. These cookies allow our website to remember information that will change the display, such as the language you have set. or region where you live for example

We use cookies within the Services to record which articles you read and


reminding you of what we've sent you to prevent duplicate submissions; and

Save your settings (such as font size) so other services can use them. Our relevant settings will automatically adjust such settings when you access them again.

If you proceed to delete such information stored by cookies The settings may result in an inefficient experience on our website. But it will not be an obstacle to using our service.

Security : We use cookies to enhance the security of your information. and to prevent fraud, crime or other questionable activities, for example This cookie can identify whether you are logged in as a member of our service in your regular area. and to prevent impersonation and other inappropriate information.

System : We use this cookie to show and improve our services. for example This cookie helps us pre-populate your account information. while signing in to our services help you use our services more efficiently

Effectiveness : We use these cookies to improve the speed, performance and effectiveness of our services. for example This cookie can help routers flow between servers. and assess the loading speed of our service when there are many users. We may use these cookies to temporarily save information on your browser so that it can load more information and respond faster when you use our services.

Analyze and research :We use these cookies to track and improve our services. and to help us find references for research and development of our new services or systems. Cookies help us better understand how you use our services. and help us improve your or other users' experience on our Services. Such information may include each time you use our services. as well as which pages and systems you come to use our services

Advertising : We use these cookies to improve our advertisements to suit your preferences. for example These cookies help us show you ads that are more relevant to you and keep track of which ads you open or view on our Services and visit those ads by advertisers. Our partners may use this cookie to ensure that we deliver ads effectively. or provide us with information about your interactions with the advertiser.

Cookie Management

We further explain in the table below how we use each type of cookie on our Services. All or part of cookies may be placed on your browser. Your browser may be able to disable or manage cookies, however please note that if you do so, We may not be able to adjust the usage to your preferences. and some of our services may not function properly.

We also use other tracking technologies. In addition to cookies:

​Local Sharing or Flash Cookies are designed to support information. Browser Articles by Adobe Flash These cookies are used to place advertisements and articles, videos on the website, like other cookies that store information on your device.

web server and application usage data Our Service collects information automatically to help us monitor and protect our Service. Usage Analysis and improve the user experience. The information that will be collected is as follows.

IP address and browser type
device information This includes device identifiers (UDIDs), MAC addresses, advertiser identifiers (IFA), and other similar identifiers. or as assigned
Device operating system and other technical facts
The city, state and country from which you accessed our website.
visited page Article viewed Save
Data or text entered or saved
Links or buttons pressed to view
URLs visited before and after using our services.

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