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Blackfin and titanium

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a unique story just like this metal.

We have been working with titanium for over twenty years and over this time we have learnt all the secrets of shaping it and the skills and techniques for enhancing every one of its properties. This is why a Blackfin model is not just a spectacle frame but a masterpiece of engineering, technology and design.

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Titanium and Talent

Japanese dedication and Italian flair add up to the excellence of two worlds in the highest form.

Titanium is the soul of our eyewear and also our own soul. We journey to far off Japan to purchase the world’s purest titanium, the product of the centuries of work the people of that land have devoted to perfecting that raw material, to guarantee its utter purity. On reaching Italy the sheets are placed in the expert hands of the men and women in the Blackfin team whose unequalled talent enables them to transform the titanium into frames that are true works of art.

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Inimitably Unique

No single Blackfin is the same as another, otherwise it wouldn’t be a Blackfin.

A Blackfin frame is not only unique for the way it is made but it is also original. The inner part of each frame is engraved with a unique code and an individual serial number to guarantee its origin and authenticity. Further personalisation is also possible in that the frame can be engraved with the wearer’s name, an acronym or a special marking to make the frame even more special and to set it apart from the others.

My Life

#Light but strong

Blackfin is unique. The titanium it's made from is just as strong as steel, but weighs 40% less and is twice as strong as aluminum. It is actually an extraordinary material. It takes equally special skills to be creative and create something amazing and inimitable every time.

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